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  • Paperback: 260 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace (December 20, 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1467999245
  • ISBN-13: 978-1467999243
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches

These days nobody needs a job! Working at home and for yourself has never been so simple! Learn how to profit from storage auctions, estate sales, estate auctions, business liquidations, yard sales, thrift stores, wholesaling, drop shipping and more.

Learn how to resell items at online and offline auctions, marketplaces and other venues. Learn how to build and create your own products to resell. You don’t even need money to get started, I’ll show you how to go from bankruptcy to luxury!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sold anything before, I have a plan and options for both the young and old to first timers and professionals. You will learn new sales techniques in this book and you will learn how to make a comfortable living independently.

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Nov 21

The Reseller Challenge Completed : Results $18k in 16 days!

Please note: Revenue totals and Sales online include those items from The Reseller Challenge and do not include sales from my other eBay/Auction/Marketplace accounts, do not include domain name parking revenues, domain name sales, website sales, website product and service sales or advertising and referral monthly revenues accrued by ByteCash Media LTD during this 30 day time period.


I am sorry that this challenge was not more “challenging” and I did not have a chance or the need to post status updates as it was a very quick $10k+. I will be documenting, describing and giving a step-by-step overview of how to make a quick $10k in a month in the members’ video section of the main www.ereselling.com website. I have been advised that I have been giving away too much information free of charge. Membership is only $50 for 3 months and $20 for each additional 3 months so if you can’t afford that I recommend you make some lifestyle changes because it is just sad as I can teach you how to make as much money as you need a month if you’ll let me.


Anyway, not to get off topic but I just can’t help those who don’t help themselves and when you have to pay for information and education you will pay attention, follow through and take it seriously.


I completed the first reseller challenge which was to earn $10k profit in one month buying and reselling inventory throughout online marketplaces and venues. I really did not need to use many sources as I said in my last update that I had hit a homerun with the uncut trading card sheets which accounted for $7200 alone. After I made that sale I really kind of felt bad because I made this all look to easy but the point is, if you apply yourself and take calculated risk and get off the couch good things will happen. In the past I have had monthly profits of $53,400 – $38,291 – $31,229 – $27,478 to name a few of my record months and that was mostly due to putting myself in the right places at the right times. For instance, I had acquired on consignment a lot of about 5,000 original National Geographic Canvas Map prints (many duplicates) from the very beginning of National Geographic with the negatives used to create them and had one individual collector pay $33k and another $7k for some bulk purchases and made over $1k a day selling the rest online at 50% commission per sale.


One of the problems I had with this specific challenge was that the eBay account that I setup to use for this site and for general ereselling education/teaching/experimenting was created last year and has a limit of $10k a month in total sales and items for sale. I do have a main eBay account but was not going to use it as deciphering drop ship sales and other merchandise from this challenge would have been a nightmare. I did however use a backup account that I have to complete one sale for $750. Below are screenshots for the challenge to show what I am talking about and what held back a lot of potential income. I currently am still holding onto about $10k in inventory that I have not yet tried to liquidate anywhere from the challenge.

Restricted by new eBay Account: (This is a shot from halfway through November, 2011 and I was already limited – lol)



CHALLENGE TOTALS BELOW (not accounted for fees/shipping yet):

Direct Buyer of 24 Uncut Trading Card Sheets: $7200


Total Items Listed on Amazon : 254

Total Gross Sales on Amazon : $1190

Total eBay items listed: 239

Total eBay Sales: $6582





Other backup eBay Account used to sell a few items at the end:

For what I sold and how to sell elsewhere both online/offline I have reserved videos, stats, items and howto’s for those involved in the bet and for people purchasing my book and ereselling.com members only!

Bolky.com Direct Website Sales: $711

Bolky.com Mailing List / Personal Collectors Mailing List: $1427

Facebook Marketplace: $700 (One bulk purchase from one buyer – see members Video)

Gunbroker.com : $224

Sports Trading Card Shop: $550

Antique Dealer Shops: $575

Music Store: $75

Craigslist: $310

Estate Auction Sales: $127



TOTAL 30 DAY TIME SPENT: 64 HOURS (Buying, Listing/Promoting, Shipping/Dropping off)



My typical hourly rate from reselling is usually between $75-$100/hour so these results are not typical – just a great month where I applied myself and had some luck!

These are just GROSS SALES results as of now, I will pay my accountant to crunch the fees and other numbers – no way I’m wasting my time on that!


If your serious about making money online and ready to put up the same types of sales numbers I’ve written you a book, made you online video tutorials and created an entire directory for success all layed out for you!

In fact i’ll even let you try out my site for 60 DAYS and if it doesn’t change your life I’ll give your money back no questions asked!

Try it out now and sign-up



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Nov 18

DAY 16: The $10k in 30 Days Reseller Challenge – OVER!

Sorry everyone for the delay catching you up, I got very lucky and hit up a Storage Auction and an Estate auction that virtually nobody was at and basically had my way with anything I wanted. That wasn’t the kicker though, I found something that many people would perhaps overlook but I had sold in the past for ridiculous profits. They are very rare to come by so don’t expect to just go to your local yard sale or thrift store and pick them up. What am I talking about? Uncut trading card sheets, baseball, football, basketball and even garbage pail kids to name a few of the ones I’ve sold – more so the vintage sheets 1960-1980 from my experience on the big money ones. Since I had sold some before in the past (four of the same ones I got this time for $650 each) the collector who purchased them is a very wealthy doctor in California and begged me to contact him if I ever ran across anymore.


I might of found a few at this auction….58 SHEETS! To be exact and I picked up the phone immediately and left a message. After some negotiating I decided to cut him a deal so I could go on vacation for a few weeks (why this blog had not been updated for awhile) and I sold him 24 of the sheets he was interested in for only $7200 (That is only $300 each, I have sold them for as much as $650 each but wholesaling for quick cash never hurts), but that was enough to put me over the top. I have not added up all the other sales yet but the 30 day total will be very impressive….oh and I purchased all the sheets for only $210….($125 was spent on just two of the sheets the others were bundled from $5 to $10).


Here are what they look like, the ones I have left (should be close to $10k in leftover inventory at least) I just snapped a shot of in case you have the pleasure of running across them:



Here were a few more inventory purchases that I did for the challenge from a storage auction unit and estate sale (I was basically stealing – this was all for under $1000!)


Here are some more items:




Oct 31

Adding and Building Trust with your E-Commerce Website

Posted in Website Selling

The ability to sell an item to a buyer that you have never met or seen on the internet requires several things. Trust is in my opinion the most important part of successfully selling an item. The buyer must trust that you are accurately representing an item and that you will fulfill your end of the sales transaction by sending the item to them after they have paid for it. Trust can be built from feedback such as an eBay seller’s rating, Amazon rating or any other marketplace’s seller profile. In most cases buyers will be able to rate the transactions that they have had with the seller. This can be devastating to a seller if their performance has not been up to par.  Always make sure that a buyer receives exactly what you’re selling and in the condition that you have stated, receives it earlier than the time frame required and that you have answered any questions that the buyer has asked before and after the sale in a timely manner. If there is a problem with the item and the buyer request a refund, return or any other request that you do whatever you can to assist the buyer if possible. This does not always mean that you provide them an instant refund if they request one or bend over backwards to make them happy. For instance I have had customers request refunds on products that they purchased six months before. This is unacceptable; my refund policy is 14 days for used items and 30 days for new items. I let the buyer know in the nicest possible way that I was sorry the product stopped working but policies are policies and mine was clearly stated so I was not going to provide a refund.


If you are selling on your own website or just want to provide the customer with complete assurance of trust you can use many different third party solutions. SquareTrade as an example is a company that you can sign up with and put a logo on your site or listing that guarantees customer satisfaction. One of the best features of them is that you can offer your customers the ability to buy a WARRANTY! and a GUARANTEE! so they don’t have to worry about damaged and defective items! They will help mediate any disputes and act as a middle man to ensure both the seller and buyer are satisfied with the transaction. They were one of the most reputable mediation companies for eBay until eBay decided they were not going to allow sellers to remove negative feedbacks. For many years you could pay a $20 fee and use SquareTrade to mediate a transaction with a buyer, if a positive solution was reached between the buyer and seller then a negative feedback left by the buyer could be removed. SquareTrade still is a viable option for E-Commerce sites and will provide a new seller with additional credibility. A few other sites to check out if you are interested in more creditability and building an image of trust for your customers are:

  • SquareTrade
  • Truste.com
  • BBB.org
  • Trustwave.com
  • Bizrate Circle of Excellence
  • VeriSign Secured Seal
  • Web Safe Shield
  • McAfee Secured Site
  • Thawte